Corn's Metal Sales, Inc.

1329 Versailles Road
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky 40342
Cornís Metal Sales is like a super-hardware store. In fact, Cornís is far more than one might expect: Yes, they sell and fabricate all kinds of metal. But they also sell lawn mowers and they repair & sell parts for tractors and other farm equipment.

Cornís Metal Sales
"If we donít have it, we can get it. If we canít get it, you donít need it!"

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Monday Ė Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
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Now carrying Altoz brand precision mowers!
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Altoz XZ610Zi
Altoz XZ610Zi
Altoz XR540
Altoz XR540

Befco lawn & ground care equipment
Bush Hog farm & yard equipment
Country Clipper Zero-Turn Mowers
Interstate Batteries
Kory Farm Equipment
Mira Fount Livestock Watering Systems
Modern Ag Products
Westendorf buckets, scoops & front-end loaders.
A visit to Cornís Metal Sales is like visiting a super-hardware store.
Thatís because Cornís is far more than what their name suggests.
You'll be surprised at all Corn's has to offer!

Yes, Cornís Metal Sales sells all kinds of metal, including iron, steel, tin and aluminum. And they use those materials to custom fabricate metal items of all kinds, like roofs, siding, gates, railings and more. If you have an idea or a need for a metal item, Cornís can probably make it for you.

But they offer far more than just metal: Cornís services and repairs - and sells parts for - virtually every type of farm equipment, including Country Clipper and Bush Hog lawn mowers, as well as tractors, tractor umbrellas, balers, combines and more. Cornís provides all lawn mower repairs, including tune-ups, blade sharpening, oil changes and more. So while their primary customers are farmers, Cornís is also a great resource for homeowners, handymen and do-it-yourselfers.

For example, imagine working on a ceiling fan and losing a screw: Cornís can probably match that screw. Or your lawnmower belt snaps: Cornís stocks literally thousands of mower and tractor belts of all kinds and sizes. Broken sprocket on your tractor? Cornís probably has one to match. Need threaded rod for a new project? Cornís carries all sizes of threaded rod, with both metric and standard threads.

In many ways, Cornís Metal Sales is a throwback to the day when a farmer could walk into a country store holding a broken part from nearly any piece of farm equipment and the proprietor would find a replacement part. Thatís Cornís Metal Sales.
The business dates back to the 1970s, when Maurice Corn, a farmer, realized that a need existed and decided to meet that need. The family business is located on the front corner of the family farm in Lawrenceburg. Customers come from all around Ė Frankfort, Georgetown, Harrodsburg, Lexington, Shelbyville, Versailles and beyond Ė because they know theyíll find what they need.
Here is a summary of the kinds of items Cornís has in stock:
  • Hoses, Hose Fittings & Clamps Ė hydraulic, drainage, irrigation, all kinds & sizes

  • Tires, Wheels & Rims Ė for tractors, trailers and other farm equipment

  • Belts & Pulleys Ė all kinds and sizes, for lawn mowers, tractors, balers and other farm equipment

  • Nuts & Bolts - of every size for every use, in both metric and standard threads

  • Other Hardware - Including: Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Clamps, Hinges, Gate & Door Catches, Barn Door Track, Washers, U-Bolts, Cotter Pins, Pipe Fittings, Bearings, Sprockets, Spray Fittings and more Ė Standard and Metric, Brass, Stainless

  • Pipe Ė standard and threaded, all sizes

  • Rod Ė standard and threaded, all sizes
  • Chains & Cable Ė Roller chain, detachable chain, replacement chain links, cable of all sizes and lengths
  • PTO Drive Lines Ė standard and metric, and PTO fittings

  • Hand Tools, Jacks, Pumps, Generators

  • Plow, Cultivator, Tobacco Setter and Manure Spreader Parts

  • Sickle Bars, Hay Forks, Discs and Disc Parts

  • Rakes, Rake Teeth of all kinds, Baler Teeth and Tetter Teeth

  • Lubricants Ė Lucas and other brands of Engine Oil, Gear Box Fluid and more

  • Oxygen, Acetylene, Torch Gas, Mig Gas and Welding Supplies

  • Seats Ė for Tractors, Lawn Mowers and other equipment

  • Pressure Washer Fittings & Accessories

  • Spring of All Sizes & Types - including compression and extension springs.

  • Much, much more.

Corn's Metal Sales, Inc. offers the following products and/or services:
»Farm Equipment & Supplies
»Home Improvement
»»Lawn Mowers
»»Hardware & Supplies

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Corn's is located on Versailled Road in Lawrenceburg

Corn's is located on Versailled Road in Lawrenceburg

We sell Country Clipper zero-turn commercial and residential mowers.

We sell Country Clipper zero-turn commercial and residential mowers.

We carry all kinds of metal - steel, aluminum, tin and iron.

We carry all kinds of metal - steel, aluminum, tin and iron.

In all shapes and sizes.

In all shapes and sizes.

Angle iron.

Angle iron.

Angle iron.

Angle iron.

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