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Unlike most online directories, Links2Frankfort is a local directory serving Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky. We offer searchable listings for local businesses and organizations, as well as a local calendar of events. Links2Frankfort is also locally-owned, meaning you get the personal service you deserve.
We offer Basic, Premium and Showcase listings, each with different features. "Showcase" listings are highlighted on our home page and can include an entire mini-website describing your business and providing other information, including:
  • a detailed description of your business, services, products, hours, payment methods you accept, restaurant menus and more;
  • up to 30 photographs of your choosing;
  • the ability to post videos;
  • links to your website and an e-mail form for customers;
  • a map to your business location; and
  • the ability to offer discount coupons.
We also offer banner ads that make your business stand out from the crowd.
The cost? Just a fraction of what you might pay for other advertising, but with unparalleled flexibility, content and service. PLUS, it's all measurable, so you can tell whether or not it is working for you!
If you'd like more information, please contact us and we'll gladly stop by your place of business for a brief presentation. After all, we're right here in Frankfort, so we can provide that personal level of service!
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