About Our Ratings...

The ratings component of Links2Frankfort is intended to serve as a tool to help consumers and businesses alike. Therefore, certain criteria and policies apply to their posting:
  • Links2Frankfort does not accept anonymous ratings, nor do we accept ratings that appear to be submitted by people using fictitious or contrived names.
  • We reserve the right to share every rating with the appropriate business, whether the rating is positive or negative.
  • When a negative rating is submitted, our policy is to contact both the business and the person who submitted the rating to encourage them to speak with one another. In those cases where our attempts to contact the rater are not successful, we will not post a negative rating.
    • We believe it is in the best interests of both consumers and businesses to resolve any differences that may occur between them. We are not an ombudsman, and we will not interject ourselves into a dispute. Nor are we responsible for the outcome of any dispute.
  • Links2Frankfort does not accept ratings, whether positive or negative, that include profanity or other inappropriate language, or that compare one business to any other. If in doubt, we will not post such ratings.
  • Finally, ratings are not posted automatically. Every rating is reviewed by a human being, and is judged accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse the posting of any rating for any reason at any time, in accordance with our Terms of Use.