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Bluegrass Septic Service * Portable Toilets

847 Bob Rogers Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Bluegrass Septic is Central Kentucky's leader in the care and maintenance of septic tanks and lateral lines. If your septic system is showing signs of stress - either through wet spots in your yard or backed-up toilets and drains - CALL US!
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Highly recommend this company ( ) - 01/27/2015 23:07:14

Larry Wood from Frankfort,Ky

I called another company in Frankfort to pump out my septic tank. We had the cap exposed and ready to pump. I will admit I waited to long and there was a thick scum on top.This company said it was too thick for him to get all removed. So they pumped the water out of the middle. CHARGED ME FULL PRICE, the sold me bacteria to add, and said call him back next year. I didn't think this was correct, but I paid him and he left. I then called a relative who was plumber and he said bad deal. So I Called Bluegrass Septic. He said he would come look at what I had, and unless it was full of mud, he could empty and clean. He came out on schedule and used a tool to mix up the contents and was able to completely remove all water,scum and sludge. He took water hose and cleaned the bottom. VERY professional and knowledgable. His charge was little higher but he worked twice as long and completed the job correctly. So check around before hire someone to pump you tank. Read the reviews.

Great job ! ( ) - 11/11/2014 05:37:22

Tracie L from Shelbyville, KY

I was very impressed with Bluegrass Septic Service. Unlike the other company I had come out to pump my septic system years ago, Bluegrass Septic actually pumped the tank and not just the drain field. I am grateful for their competence, ethics, and honesty! I will definitely call them for all my septic needs in the future!

Above and Beyond Service ( ) - 12/11/2013 08:25:43

Martha Hoagland from Frankfort, KY

My septic tank backed up and I was referred by a friend to call Bluegrass Septic Service. I called one of the employees that work there and he came out on a Sunday on icy, slick roads to check my septic tank. He was able to fix the problem temporally until they could get a truck out to drain the septic tank. That is what I call going above and beyond. Excellent work Bluegrass Septic Service!

Great service, right on time ( ) - 02/25/2013 14:00:19

Marcia from Frankfort

Our septic system malfunctioned, so we called Bluegrass Septic. They arrived right when they said they would, and they took care of the problem quickly, efficiently and courteously. I hope I don't have to call them again, but if our system acts up again, I'll be calling Bluegrass Septic again!